Brewskies in the esky and snags are on the barbie out back, go for your life.
(translation: Beers in the ice-box and sausages are on the barbecue in the backyard, help yourself). 

An Australian born dance teacher now working throughout Europe and living out of an 80L backpack. I've been a national wrestling champion, up and coming virologist, failed Estonian bagpiper and a volleyball coach amongst a myriad of other endeavors. Now I've found home, now I'm a dancer.

So come on in and have a look around the site, check out the links to your right. I run two Blues dance events in Europe which I'm super proud of and if you're in the neighbourhood come check them out. BBE became Europe's biggest Blues dance event in it's inaugural year, that makes me put on my happy pants.

Also, I recently embarked upon an epic quest to bring Blues dance back to Lindy hoppers. Oh, what a task to spread an understanding of what makes Blues dance unique, show the depth of the dance and most importantly relate those elements back to its history. Wish me luck, I'll be more active on this project online in coming months.

Once upon a time a tender-footed, three-year-old Australian was thrown into an Estonian folk ensemble and a new dancer entered the world. After sixteen years of folking it up, a few national wrestling titles and some time at university, he was born again into the world of Lindy hop. Blues dance followed six months later and since then Chris worked to pioneer the dance over Australia, teaching classes, workshops and even launching the nation's first Blues festival before packing his bags for Europe. Over the past years Chris has been working hard, combining his passion for travel and dance, to bring Lindy hop and Blues to Spain, Iceland, Germany, Australia, France, Estonia, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, Infinity...and beyond!

A technique junkie at heart, Chris builds his dancing, classes and routines around body awareness and connection coupled with quality and range of movement. His inner traditionalist strives to keep a hold on the roots of the movements, adding depth to the dances and building characters around connection to both the music and your partner. His classes use colourful imagery and playful games to help students internalise ideas and concepts in the most natural and organic ways possible. Keep your eyes open for some amazing tricks, shakin' hips and fancy footwork when he hits the floor. 

"It takes an athlete to dance and an artist to be a dancer." 
Chris's teaching strives to create the perfect blend.